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Salmon at the edge of the world

Far south, close to Antarctica, salmon enthusiast from all over the world connect.

A long coastline and cold clear water makes salmon production ideal in the southern areas of Chile.  Just about a couple of hours from the tip of South America, Chile has grown up to become the world’s second largest producer of Atlantic salmon. Every second year the aquaculture industry connects in the town of Puerto Montt. The venue is Aqua Sur, the most important meeting place of the aquaculture-fishing community in the southern hemisphere.

– Chile plays an important role as the second largest producer of farmed salmon. To connect here at Puerto Montt is both important and quite educational, ISFAs president Trond Davidsen says.

The opening of Aqua Sur
Aqua Sur

42nd GM
The International Salmon Farmes Association (ISFA) chose Puerto Montt and Aqua Sur to hold its 42nd General Meeting.

– We do meet twice a year. This exhibition is a perfect venue for us. Here we meet industry representatives from all over the world. ISFA members can come together and discuss different issues facing the industry, Mr. Davidsen explains

During the 10th to 13th of October more then 18.000 people visited the Aqua Sur exhibition.

A growing aquaculture business has been crucial for the development of the southern regions of Chile. President of the Salmon Chile, María Eugenia Wagner pointed out the need for growth in her opening speech at Aqua Sur.

– During 2011, the Region of Aysén recorded the country`s greatest economic growth (19,4%), thanks to the upsurge of our sector. As to the unemployment rate, we`ve seen a sustained decline in its indicators. We are strongly committed to these regions, and we cannot let them down, Wagner says.

The ISFA members discussing at the meeting in Puerto Montt

DOWNLOAD: Words of María Eugenia Wagner, opening speech Aqua Sur, 2012